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RapidPak was born into the world of horizontal form-fill-seal packaging in 1991 with an important invention and patent on the use of servo motors. This remarkable innovation paved the way to a rich mix of technological breakthroughs as RapidPak revolutionized packaging speeds and established unprecedented levels of sanitation. Over the past two decades, RapidPak has continued its focus on servo-based technologies. Today, RapidPak has more than 37 active U.S. patents in addition to more than 30 U.S. patents pending.


  • Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Meat and Poultry Applications
  • Cheese Applications
  • Disposable Sterile Medical Device Packaging
  • Hardware and Consumer Goods Packaging

When you think F-F-S packaging, think RapidPak

Five Points of Differentiation

1. Servomotor Everything
2. Industry's Lowest Cost of Ownership
3. Industry's Fastest, Easiest Changeovers
4. Industry's Leading Sanitary Design
5. Industry's Leading Ergonomic Design with Ease-of-Use Features Throughout 

Innovative packaging solutions for:

Meat and Poultry Applications including whole muscle, processed and RTE portions. Retail and institutional.  Vacuum and modified atmosphere.

Cheese Applications including bulk, sliced, shredded, string, unit of use portions and more.  Vacuum and modified atmosphere.

Assorted Food Applications including pastas, ready-meals, institutional, etc.

Sterile Medical Disposables

Hardware and Consumer Goods

Custom solutions for your packaging applications:

  • RP-45. The RapidPak flagship. F-F-S technology at its finest.
  • RP-25. Streamlined version of our flagship RP-45.
  • RP-55. The original workhorse RapidPak. Hundreds in daily use
    around the globe.
  • RP-75. Developed for extreme depth-of-draw applications (up to 12”
    deep). Ideal for modified atmosphere bulk packs.
  • RP-1000. Ideal for limited floor space, shallow-draw applications.
  • RP-4000. Ideal for top formed applications such as retail bacon drafts.
    Small footprint for limited floor space installations.
  • LP-45. Complete loading/packaging systems for hot dogs and string cheese.


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